pigeon worm or external parasites

Pigeon worm or external parasites and it’s treatment

Pigeon worm or external parasites and it’s treatment. Pigeon worm diseases and its treatment and medicine. Worm attack creates negative impact on pigeon body and health. Worm attack reduces the weight of the pigeon, bad moulth, diarrhea and weakness in the pigeon. It is a life threatening disease for pigeon if treatment is not taken properly. Today we will learn about worm and how to deworm pigeon. Hope those who raise pigeon for hobby or business will be benefited .

Symptoms of pigeon worm or external parasites:

• Loss of appetite
• Weakness of pigeon
• Abnormal droppings
• Increase thirstly
• Vomid occasonaly
• Feathers problem
• Worm seen in the droppings
• Decrese in health of pigeon
• Green diarrhea

Reason of pigeon worm or external parasites:

Unclean drinking water, food, attacked from infected pigeon and infected pigeon droppings are main causes for worm in the pigeon.

Treatment for pigeon worm or external parasites:

use any of the four medicine from below for recovering from external parasites.

  • Wormazonle or
  • Asca piller or
  • Panacure or
  • Avinex or
  • Acimec 1%

Wormazonel: for small pigeon 2/3 drop, for adult pigeon 4/5 drop. Do not give dewormer to squab or baby pigeon.

Asca Pilla: for each pigeon 1 tablet

Panacure: for each pigeon 1 tablet

Avinex: mix 1 gram powder in 1 liter drinking water

Important things in giving dewormer:

  • Do not give dewormer at hot weather, sick pigeon or baby pigeon
  • Give the dewormer at cool weather or at night
  • Give good saline after giving dewormer
  • Do not give dewormer after giving vaccine
  • Do not give excess dewormer
  • Give saline and multivitamin after giving dewormer

Prevention for pigeon worm:

  • Always clean pigeon droppings
  • Use disinfectant
  • Clean food pot and water can regularly
  • Always separate the infected pigeon
  • Regularly disinfect the loft or cage
  • Use dewormer in summer season at 2 moths interval
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